Son allegedly killed dad and girlfriend, stabbed mom before barricading self in Harper Woods home

Ruth Tabone remembers her instincts kicking in after a woman ran to her home early Sunday evening with stab wounds and a knife in her back. The victim, a resident of Harper Woods said her son had stabbed her and pleaded with Tabone to call police.

"She needs help so got 911, kept her as conscious as I could - helped her stay conscious, had to keep her staying up because she kept wanting to lay back which obviously she couldn’t because she had a knife in her back," the Harper Woods neighbor said.

The emergency call wouldn't be the only interaction between neighbors and police that night as a standoff with the suspect inside would escalate to a barricaded gunman situation over the next six hours. 

The frightening scene that unfolded in the 20600 block of Kenosha on July 10 started after the suspect, identified as the family's son, shot and killed his dad and girlfriend before then attacking his mom, according to a source. 

The violence has shaken the neighborhood.

"(I'm) scared," said Star Harris. "I’m scared to even have my family come outside, it’s just I never knew it could happen over here. Like it’s just crazy."

After the attack, the son then barricaded himself in his family's home and shot at police, the source said. 

When SWAT teams arrived and eventually breached the home, they found a fire had been set in an upstairs room. Currently, the mother remains in critical condition. Tabone is still trying to process her emotions from the scary scene.

"I have so many of them at the same time I’m numb. How are you expected to feel in a situation like this. Had his mom not come here and stumbled into my house, who knows what would have happened," she said.

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FOX 2 is told that the suspect was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation, where he remains. The son and girlfriend also reportedly had a young son, who the suspect let the child go at some point during the standoff. 

The source also confirmed the suspect was on a tether for charges of criminal sexual conduct and torture.