Students shave heads in solidarity with friend who's battling cancer

Students at North Phoenix Prep shaved their heads on Thursday to support a fellow classmate who is battling cancer.

Besides students, teachers and parents also came out to show their support by making a bold transformation, for a friend who they describe as a fighter. 

The fighter they talk of is Thomas Koska, who was just recently diagnosed with leukemia.

"Thomas Koska, he is a straight-A student. He is a senior patrol of his scout group. He is someone who endlessly gives himself to other people," said cross country coach Richard Johnston.

The news left Thomas' friends and cross country teammates in shock.

"He's the type of person you would want around if you're ever in need, so now when he's in need, I'll be here for him," said Johnston, who has known Thomas for years.

"He's a cross country runner," said Johnston. "He gets to mile two in a race a mile two in a half, and you can see that it's physically wearing on him, but mentally, he has to stay strong in order to finish, and this is going to be the same thing. This is not like a little 100-mile dash. This is a long run he has ahead of him."

Thomas won't be alone.

"This is just a sign that starts him off on this race against his leukemia, and hopefully, we'll start him in a good footing. We'll keep going and we'll stay with him," said Johnston.

Thursday's event was a sign for those who know Thomas to show their love and support. 

"It'll grow back, not a big deal," said one person. "It's for Jeep. Not for me."