Super Bowl LVII: Father and daughter DPS team to keep visitors safe

Super Bowl weekend means law enforcement is super busy not just around State Farm Stadium, but across the Valley and the state.

Officials with the Arizona Department of Public Safety say among the officers who will help keep Arizonans and visitors to the state safe are two troopers with a rather special bond.

Russ Dodge has been helping people in trouble for a long time in this state. For years, we have covered Dodge in the hairiest of scenarios, from water rescues to mountain rescues. Dodge's daughter, Lakin, watched this too as she grew up. She wasn't daunted. Rather, she was intrigued.

"At the age of eight, Lakin told me she was going to take my job some day," said Russ. "We found out we were expecting her while she was in the academy."

Lakin grew up enjoying many activities, but hanging it out with her dad at swift water rescue trainings, as well as getting to know her dad's co-workers and friends, left a big impression.            

"Just meeting all the people: the military, the PJs (pararescues), the Marine combat guys, the pilots, I was, like, 'man, this would be awesome!" said Lakin.

It was so awesome for Lakin, in fact, that in 2022, she enrolled in the DPS Academy, and became a trooper. Her proud father pinned her during the ceremony.

"We've both been assigned to work security events at the Super Bowl together, as partners," said Russ.

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