Surprise neighborhood hit hard by latest storm

SURPRISE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - "Never saw a storm like this... ever!" Fran Warren exclaimed.

Yet another round of storms swept through the Valley last night, this time pounding the southwest Valley with strong winds and thunder storms.

"After the worst of the storm had gone through, then the thunder and the lightning... the lightning was horrible, just huge flashes," Warren said. "It was just like a tornado went through. I was standing out in the backyard trying to hold the gazebo down and it was just like a tornado. I've never seen wind like that. I just don't think I'll go out today. I'm just going to clean up the mess."

Heavy rains also blocked off two lanes on Reems Road, putting a damper on the morning commute.

High winds left trees uprooted at nearly every corner, making the start to the day a challenge for some in the area.

"I walked around the corner... and saw my car!" Kevin McGinnis exclaimed. "Oh my gosh! It was like a bomb... many bombs went off! I couldn't believe it... it was really loud and crazy here!"

Even homes here in this subdivision at Copper Canyon Ranch didn't get a chance to finish being built before they were taken down.