Suspect accused of breaking into 41 storage units, stealing trailer & RV

One thief with a bolt cutter led to dozens of victims who had stored their items in units at the Rodeo Storage Facility in Case Grande.

"Devastating, it really is," Sherri Lozinski said.

Sherri Lozinski and her son, Dave, have a storage unit here and parked their motorhome here because their HOA won't allow it.

Thursday night, surveillance video at Rodeo Storage captured the thief driving off in their white 2000 Winnebago Itasca.

They say he had loaded it with items from other storage units he had stolen from within the facility. The Lozinskis bought the motorhome a month ago and were planning a big trip.

Thursday night, the thief stole their camper and their vacation plans.

"We were just freaking out, we couldn't believe this happened to us," Dave Lozinski said. "We've been planning this for six months, buying stuff. Our living room is full of stuff for the trip."

Casa Grande police detectives have released video and pictures from the storage unit burglary, but while investigating, they discovered the suspect was caught on surveillance at a Walmart on August 3 before he hit Rodeo Storage.

"He was at Walmart, we got pictures of him involved in a shoplifting where he stole a computer and a cell phone," Officer Thomas Anderson said. "He was picked up in a Ford pickup truck, F250 or 350 with a camper shell on top. It's a unique-looking vehicle."

The best chance of catching this thief, says Officer Anderson is to share these very good clear pictures far and wide.

The Arizona license plate on the stolen Winnebago is BSB3328.

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