SUV crashes through fence, into backyard of Phoenix home

"When I looked out in our backyard, there was a lady in our backyard," Ashley Milbauer said.

It was a shock for Milbauer to see an SUV in her backyard this morning. This all happened at her house near the Loop 101 and 16th Street when, according to Phoenix police, a car was waiting to turn left and another driver decided to pass them in the opposite lane.

However, the turning car decided to go, clipping the SUV and sending it flying into Milbauer's backyard.

"I didn't know it happened. I didn't even know when it happened. I didn't hear anything, nothing," Milbauer said.

She's just glad nobody was hurt.

"I have three other kids too and they're toddlers, so luckily they weren't in the backyard or the luckily the dogs weren't back there or else, yeah, it would have been really bad," she said.

She's now left to clean up the mess, but she isn't necessarily surprised this happened.

"Speeding all the time -- people are always racing up and down this road," she said.

The driver was cited for reckless driving.