Teen girl accused of strangling man to death during sex act

A 16 year-old girl accused of killing her 43 year-old boyfriend during sex has been charged as an adult. Glendale Police announced the charges Wednesday.

We do want to warn you that some of the details in this story are graphic.

According to police, the teen confessed to strangling the victim but claimed it was consensual. What happened after the victim passed out may be the most disturbing.

16-year-old Jessica Burlew and the 43-year-old were a couple, that's according to courtdocuments obtained by FOX10.

43-year-old victim Jason Earl Ash was in the suspect's mother's apartment near 59th Avenue and Olive on Saturday when the mom left the two alone. The mom later got a call from her daughter that the 43-year-old was dead.

According to those court documents the victim was found with an electrical cord around his neck and several cuts to his face and arms.

The teen allegedly told her mom the two were playing "sex games" and the victim did not say the "safety word".

Inside the victim's room, detectives found items associated with a Goth lifestyle.

This is a picture of Burlew from the website vampire freaks dot com where her screen name appears to be soul-taker 11.

Glendale police say the 16-year-old is a runaway from a group home in Phoenix and was staying at her mother's apartment.

Initially she hid from police and was later found hiding in a neighbor's apartment wearing a burka as a disguise.

When police spoke to to the teen, "...Jessica admitted to causing the death of Jason Ash by consensual strangulation." She also told investigators that when the victim passed out she began cutting him in an attempt to get a response but it was already too late.