'I'm bleeding': Teen, child hurt following shooting in Phoenix, police say

Phoenix Police are investigating a shooting that left two young people injured on April 7.

According to a statement by Phoenix Police, officers were called to the area of 28th Street and Broadway Road for a shooting. When officers arrived, they found a teenager and a preteen with gunshot wounds.

"Both victims have been transported to a local hospital where their injuries were found to be non-life-threatening," read a portion of the statement.

Sgt. Vincent Cole said the following day that no arrests have been made.

The teenage boy was shot in the head and the 11-year-old girl is on crutches after being shot in the thigh and the ankle. That little girl, Kamani, is sharing her account of what happened in hopes of catching who did it.

"We saw two boys. They walked out of the apartments right in front of us. One of them had two guns, but I didn't see a face or anything," said Kamani. She immediately knew something was wrong and she ran to tell the other kids they needed to go inside.

She was struck by two bullets.

"As soon as I turned around, I saw someone peek their head around, and they started shooting at us. I looked at my leg and I felt something dripping down my ankle," Kamani said.

With a stinging feeling and blood dripping down her leg, she started screaming for her mom.

"When I first got shot, I couldn't feel it because I was running up the stairs, I was panicking," she said. "I didn't know what to do. It was hard."

Ayana Sinclair heard the shots and then the paralyzing sound that followed.

"She's coming in screaming, 'I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding,'" her mother recalled. "All the kids that were in the hallway ran into my house. Another little boy, he's like, 'I'm bleeding too.'"

Both families are lucky their children are still alive, but it's not something she will ever forget.

"The fact that they did not care that it was daylight and these were children – whose community is next?" says the grandmother of one of the kids shot. "If they took aim at children, nobody is safe."

Sinclair agrees.

"As far as I know, growing up, opening firing on kids is not OK," the mother said. She thinks it was teenagers that targeted the young kids, and she’s pleading with the public and Phoenix Police to get them behind bars.

"Now it's like my kids can't go outside. I have three boys. I never would have imagined my daughter to get shot. Let alone now I have three boys I have to worry about going outside," Sinclair said.

Ayana Sinclair GoFundMe for Kamani https://gofund.me/c69686de

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