Tempe firefighter recruit melts hearts with proposal

TEMPE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - Whether you've been proposed to or you're the one getting down on one knee, where and how the marriage proposal happens should be special, right? One Tempe firefighter recruit's engagement is melting hearts.

On family night at the Phoenix Fire Academy, loved ones of 56 recruits got to witness a special moment. Culminating after six years of dating, Nick Story and Adria Vigna are now engaged and ready to serve their community.

From best friends in high school to boyfriend and girlfriend in college, Nick and Adria have been by each other's side for every milestone. Now, another special moment on May 17, family night at Phoenix Fire Academy, where loved ones got to see what firefighters do firsthand.

"I came down and I grabbed the hose, thinking I was going to actually put out a fire," Vigna said. "Then he got down on a knee."

Two words. One burning question.

"I don't even know if he got the question out, but I was saying yes," Vigna said.

Story graduates next week and will join the Tempe Fire Department. An opportunity he's been training for with classmates he's shared a strong bond with.

"I thought it'd be a unique experience to have them out and there and to kind of demonstrate my affection toward my girlfriend and fiance in that manner on family night," Story said.

The proposal is just the beginning. Nick says he's grateful to have Adria be his rock as he faces danger on duty.

"To have somebody who supports you, you know you can home and work through things and work through some of the difficult calls and have them at your side just makes it all that much better," Story said. "And she's phenomenal at that."

"He's my hero," Vigna said. "He's going to be a lot of other people's [hero], and I'm so proud of him."

As for the wedding date, Nick and Adria are planning for October 2020.