Tempe tarot card reader teams up with New Jersey woman to help single mothers

Paying it forward has taken on a whole new meaning for two women who live on different U.S. coasts.

Linda and Simone never met until the need for social justice reform started becoming more apparent to more people, and now, they're helping others together.

Linda Macintyre is a tarot card reader and the owner of Inner Truth Healing Arts in Tempe. She offers readings via Instagram.

"On Tuesday I would offer one card complimentary tarot card readings that I send via direct messaging," said Macintyre.

A few months ago, her intuition guided her to help on another level.

"The beginning of June, [I] was taking a break to learn about things like social injustice, systemic racism," she explained. "I felt like that was a lot more important than what I had been doing on my social media on Tuesdays.

"I feel like it was a silent prayer, you know, 'How can I help?' was my question," Macintyre continued. "I feel like that was a prayer because she just kind of appeared."

Her silent prayer led her to New Jersey, where Simone Gordon, dubbed the "Black Fairy Godmother," has been helping single mothers.

"I had to be creative on how to give women like myself help," said Gordon. "I started being a single mom of an autistic son, and I reached out to plenty of non-profit organizations in my area. Either I was getting the run-around, or some of the phone numbers were disconnected -- and I needed formula and diapers for my son." 

Simone Gordon started the nonprofit Black Fairy Godmother Official seven years ago. She received help from a group of woman on Facebook who helped her care for her son and finish school. Now, Gordon does the same for women everywhere.

"It's just a beautiful thing, because I'm just a normal mom." Gordon said. "I wake up at 4:30 and I take care of my son."  

Linda Macintyre, a single mother herself, is donating a portion from her Tarot Tuesday readings to the Black Fairy Godmother Official, with her clients also thrilled to be giving back.

"Just the whole concept of paying it forward - I as well have been in those situations needing assistance, not knowing who to turn to, feeling a lot of shame about the situation as well," said one client.

Macintyre says she will continue to pay it forward to work with Simone until inner healing is felt everywhere.

"I just think that it's such a great thing that she's doing, and I'm happy to be a part of it, really," said Macintyre.

Inner Truth Healing Arts: https://www.instagram.com/innertruthhealingarts/

Black Fairy Godmother Official: https://www.instagram.com/theblackfairygodmotherofficial/