Texas mother surprised by US Marine daughter's unannounced return for the holidays

A Texas mother got a holiday surprise when her daughter, a member of the US Marine Corps, unexpectedly showed up to her work at a barbeque restaurant.

On December 19, Lydia Calderon was working at 407BBQ in Denton County when her boss brought her flowers for her hard work on making tamales throughout the year. 

The boss then told Lydia there’s "one more present" waiting for her. That was when Lydia's daughter came through the doors, bursting into tears and rushing over to hug her. 

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The video was captured by Bryan McLarty. 

McLarty, said it was the daughter's first trip home from the service and her parents had not expected to see her again until late January. 

"Some days are just so much cooler than others," 407BBQ wrote in a video post. "It was never about the tamales."

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.