Thanksgiving dinner prices are up this year by at least 4%

It's the day before the biggest feast of the year and last-minute Phoenix shoppers are filling the stores picking up all of their items to make the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

It's been a steady stream of shoppers at Bashas' near 7th Street and Missouri Avenue all day and while Wednesday has been busy, the store's management says they were also busier than usual last week as many people were preparing just in case there were any supply issues.

Walking into the store, you'll see long checkout lines, stacked food waiting to be scanned and full grocery carts.

"Stuff to go with the turkey," a customer said about their shopping trip. "I got flowers and cranberries and horseradish," another said. "Turkey or turkey breast … and a dessert," a third customer said.

People are stocking up on turkey, of course, as well as fruits and veggies so that dinner is fresh and ready for Thanksgiving.

"We are fully staffed, we are fully stocked," said Ashley Shick, director of communications at Bashas'. "We are ready to serve the customers."

Bashas' says they ordered all of their items for Thanksgiving six to eight months in advance, especially because of the supply chain disruptions creating a shortage of certain items and an increase in prices.

"Across the board, a Thanksgiving meal is a little more expensive this year," Shick said.

It is about 4% to 6% more expensive and shoppers are noticing the price differences.

"They are very much more expensive," a customer said. "I notice some things are up a dollar to $2," another said. A customer added, "I did notice prices are a lot higher, but what do you do?"

For the most part, the shoppers say they aren’t skimping out on their favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

In 2021, pre-made meals were very popular as gatherings were smaller due to COVID-19. This year, Bashas' says they're noticing the gatherings seem to be returning to normal sizes as people are picking up more food.

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