The Angry Therapist: Changing lives one container at a time

John Kim, aka The Angry Therapist, is a Korean-American LMFT (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist), Catalyst, Life Coach and Author whose practice redefines 'therapy' in a unique way. He paved his career path based on his own life experiences by being true to himself through transparency and has become a pioneer in the field of self-betterment.

I'm a Digital Content Producer for FOX 11 News here in Los Angeles and about six months ago I came across 'The Angry Therapist's Facebook live videos. I became fascinated by this edgy tattooed bad boy who was so raw with emotion and wasn't afraid to show it. He does several live videos every day on various topics to connect and interact with his viewers. After watching several of his videos I just had to interview him.

Some of my favorite blogs he's written: My 27 Life tips, Redefining the extraordinary life and Change your life with the three F's to name a few.

So, when we met in person he invited me to step out of my comfort zone and do a Facebook live with him on his Angry Therapist page discussing the topic of Narcissism which hit home for me. I was nervous at first, but had a great time doing it and was very therapeutic for me.

Here is our Facebook live video:

He's very honest, vulnerable and real about his journey. A former screenwriter, Kim found his passion while in therapy for himself. 'I went into therapy because I was seeing a therapist myself because my marriage was falling apart. I was married to an actress and she was doing really well and I was a screenwriter and I wasn't doing very well. I was the guy with the dish washing gloves cleaning up dog poop and my therapist was asking me what I wanted to do if that didn't work out. I said, 'I'd like to do what you're doing.'

In this video he gives real advice on expired relationships:

Why does he call himself 'The Angry Therapist'? In his 20's he was angry, unhappy and living his life from the outside in. Kim says, 'It's my way of saying I'm human because I believe many therapists don't show themselves and after my divorce 7 years ago I decided to pull the curtain back - which I believe every coach should do.'

How did Kim become more transparent and connected to his emotions? 'I think a lot of people have to hit bottoms or lose everything where what's at stake is nothing. When I went through my divorce I left with nothing. I didn't have any friends there was nothing to risk anymore, so that's when being myself was easy because I didn't know any different. I had to start over. I was an average John who decided to be honest one day.'

Check out the Instagram post from Kim that demonstrates his vulnerability through his writing. (Warning graphic language).

Kim says, 'I'm on a spiritual journey that makes life bigger than me.'

His passion for helping others is what lead him to create and co-found SHFT, which is an online team of Catalyst Life Coaches leading a revolution in self-betterment, turning growth into a lifestyle.

Kim says, 'I created a life coaching course because I think the road to becoming a therapist is broken. There's a better way for people to help people through transparency.'

'I called it 'The Catalyst Course' and ran it out of my kitchen and it just grew. I started a SHFT challenge a few years ago in a secret Facebook group where people had to be invited in. People can practice transparency in a safe space and in any safe space there is growth.' And that was the birth of SHFT.

'Members were authentic and vulnerable. No one went unheard, no matter what they posted. Organically people started meeting up and creating authentic relationships in person. Today there are over 3,000 members creating a dialogue, sharing stories, and supporting each other through their journey. But it's not about how many. It's about how deep. Not one person goes unheard. Not one negative comment. It's pretty mind blowing what happens when people are pulling from the same place.'

'SHFT is no longer a social experiment. People use it daily for connection, support, inspiration, and encouragement. They have a tribe in their pocket.'

Kim's goal is to teach and breed a whole new type of self-help person. That's why he uses the word 'Catalyst,' it's nondescript but powerful at the same time because it practices vulnerability and being authentic.

In your blogs and videos you talk about building new containers, explain that. ' Your life space that's safe.' 'Part of it means connecting to a part of your yourself that most people growing up when they had to become adults was locked into a hope chest and reigniting with that part of yourself. I think the beginning of everything is being transparent and that's the soil for growth because without it you're building on sand. Transparency isn't just about being honest, it's being honest with yourself.'

Do you believe in soulmates? 'I've kinda come back and forth with that ...I did. I think we have many I don't think there's just one. I choose to believe that because that would be so sad.'

Do you believe that love is a choice? 'Yes, I think some days it's easier to choose than others. And i think the beginning of love is very I don't want to say fantasy, but there is the dust, the magic, the butterflies and all that, but I think that people ghost when it gets real sometimes and so I think that's when love is tested and becomes a choice to see the faults and the dirty socks and to still choose to love that person. Generally, I don't think we 'love hard' enough myself included.'

Kim's message to his readers:

'This is going to make me sound like a dick but that's ok, stop making it about you! I think people fall into the trenches very fast when they use a lot of 'I' statements such as 'I want this.' The world gets very small if you start to make it about whether it's a message for other people or something greater than yourself. You will generally be happier and you will also be more attractive. When you stop making it about you the universe will.'

What is 'The Angry Therapist' currently working on?

Kim is giving a one of a kind self-help experience on AirBnB's new experiences platform. A Journey Called Life is a three-day micro retreat where he teaches you how to build yourself a brand new container - the concepts from his new book coming out in Spring of '17, The Angry Therapist: A no BS guide to finding and living your truth. It's like if a self-help book turned into a live experience.

To connect with 'The Angry Therapist':

Facebook: theangrytherapist

Instagram: theangrytherapist

Youtube: theangrytherapist


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