'The Kane Show' host arrested after alleged assault on wife

A popular D.C. area radio show host was arrested after he allegedly assaulted his wife, authorities say.

Peter Deibler, better known as Kane, host of The Kane Show on HOT 99.5 FM, was arrested on Friday.

According to a court document, his wife, Natasha Deibler, wrote under the Statement of Charges:

"He grabbed me forcibly, I told him he was hurting me and to please stop as our children were present, he then wrapped his left arm around me, lifted me off the floor with both arms and threw me into a wall in the hallway."

The document also adds that the incident happened at Peter Deibler's home in Potomac.

FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald says that the couple are reportedly in the process of a divorce. The warrant for Deibler was issued on June 16th after Natasha filed 2nd degree assault charges. He also said that the judge in the case issued a temporary protective order. FOX 5 attempted to reach both Peter and Natasha Deibler but were unable to reach them.

Tommy Chuck, of iHEARTMEDIA and HOT 99.5 FM, told FOX 5 by phone that Peter Deibler was on a scheduled vacation.