Thieves target valley cleaning business

A valley cleaning company was hit by thieves over the weekend; they stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

The burglary was all caught on camera, and hours later the thieves came back.

After cutting the lock and opening the gate, the video shows the two thieves backing their vehicle into the secured parking lot.

"They walked around with flashlights, started looking at all the trailers, and just looking for whatever they thought was of value," said Brandon Carnicle.

And they found it. The camera captured them driving with a trailer that houses a $35,000 industrial eco-friendly power washer. They attached the trailer and took off.

"Nice and slowly out the gate and then closed it up like they were part of this business," said Carnicle.

Brandon Carnicle is one of the owners of Arizona Exterior Cleaning, which caters to large commercial properties that need cleaning. The equipment is pricey, and he think the thieves knew what they were looking for.

"Just because they weren't rushed, it was like they just came in and saw that we have equipment, they took their time going through things, and they were very calm and composed about what they were after," he said.

And they wanted more. After driving off with the trailer, they came back hours later to steal more items. Including the surveillance camera. The video shows one of the burglars using a stick to knock it off the wall then holding it in his hands. Trying to disable the camera, but they didn't get away with any video.

"I hope they get caught. We do a lot of things for the community with our business, and we don't want to charity work for shelters and things like that for the cleanup the facilities. We work hard to do stuff like that, and it just sucks that somebody do that to us," said Carnicle.