Thousands flock to the town that keeps Christmas spirit year-round

The annual pilgrimage to the small Florida town with the big name in Central Florida is underway.  Visitors from far and wide are stopping by the town of Christmas to get a little holiday spirit you won’t find anywhere else.

Christmas, Florida is a town of only about 1,100 people on the east end of Orange County and has become known for being the town where it’s always Christmas. A large Christmas tree and nativity scene are on display year-round along the main highway and many keep up holiday décor at all times.  When the holiday season finally arrives though, the town really starts to get attention.


Every year people travel from all over to visit the Christmas Post Office and get their holiday cards postmarked and stamped in the festively named setting.

"We have people from Germany, people from England, we have people who can't come see us; you can actually mail your cards to us,” said current Christmas Postmaster Dawn King.

Even in the middle of the workday Thursday, the lobby of the post office was packed with people rubber stamping the Christmas, FL name onto the back of each of their Christmas cards. King said the crowds will only get bigger the closer we get to the holidays.


The office has also long-been a popular mailing spot for children around the world looking to get their letters right to the big man himself: Santa Clause. The office even keeps a year round postal box in their lobby just for letters to St. Nick, and King said they’re always more than happy to pass the notes along to him.

Despite the changing times and shift away from physical mail, the yearly tradition seems to draw the crowds every year without fail, King said.