Tiger cub seized from Phoenix home finally has a forever home

Tiger cub Indy who was found in a Phoenix home back in January has found her forever home after being cared for at a local wildlife rescue for several months.

On Jan. 23, officers arrested 25-year-old Carlos Eduardo Castro Alcaraz for trying to sell the animal on social media for $25,000.

Police say the cub was inside a home near 27th Avenue and Baseline in a cage the size of a dog kennel. Officers also found several other animals, including baby snapping turtles and a baby American alligator in a small aquarium.

The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center says the tiger was given a temporary home inside a special enclosure at its animal hospital in Scottsdale.

"[When] she got here, she was 23 lbs. She’s 50 lbs now. She gains about ten pounds a week. She’s eating a lot. She’s so playful, very curious, active, social. She cries whenever someone is not giving her attention," said Jamie Oliver with the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.

According to Linda Searles, the director of the wildlife rescue, the cub was "a little wobbly" at first.

"We are proud to say the tiger cub is a very active and healthy cub," said Searles in a prior statement. "She has received lots of enrichment from the Animal Care Team and Medical Staff at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.  She has plenty of toys and entertainment to keep her busy while she waits to be taken to her forever home."

"She has the opportunity to be outside to climb and jump off of things, and you know, learn how to be a tiger and really help build those muscles she needs to grow," said Oliver.

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Tiger cub (Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center)

Indy was expected to stay at the sanctuary until the criminal case is settled. The man accused of trying to sell the cub has been indicted by a grand jury.

"Once the case is settled, the animal will be sent to an out-of-state sanctuary that has other tigers," officials said.

And that in fact has happened. On May 16, we learned Indy will call The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota her new home.

She will spend the rest of her life alongside 130 other big cats once she arrives.