Traveling Tiny House Tour makes a stop in Mesa

In the future, it could be a way of living, but for now, it's a great attraction and vacation option.

We're talking about tiny homes that are no bigger than a mobile home.

These tiny houses are touring across the country and they just parked in Mesa.

Meet Finn and Rose. Each are less than 260 square feet -- about the size of a master bedroom in many homes.

Finn and Rose are on tour, going to RV parks across the country and you can see them at the Viewpoint Resort in Mesa.

"They can travel, they are RVIA certified RVs, so there is one thing -- you can park them anywhere," said Lindsay Ellis, of Thousand Trails and Encore Traveling Tiny House.

While Finn and Rose have different decor on the outside, both homes have a full bathroom, a kitchen, lofted sleeping space and clever storage options. Just check out the stairs that double as dresser drawers!

If you're thinking about downsizing in a big way, these tiny homes will cost you about $75,000 or you can try it out one night at a time to see if the tiny lifestyle is for you.

After their stay at the Viewpoint Resort in Mesa, the Traveling Tiny House tour will be at Verde Valley in Cottonwood and you can actually spend the night and vacation in the tiny homes.

Traveling Tiny House Tour
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