Treehouse puts Phoenix house on the map

Some would consider a tree house a part of their childhood memory.

Treehouses can come in all shapes and sizes, and one in Phoenix would likely make most kids, and even some adults, very jealous.

This unique tree house is tucked away in a neighborhood near 16th Street and Earll in Phoenix. The treehouse is nested in a tree standing 50 feet tall, with levels and chairs and doors all above it.

"I bought the house because of this tree," said homeowner Lindi Davis. Davis had the tree built for her son, who was 6 at the time. She turned to friend and builder Roc Leatherbury to make it happen, and over six months. the levels kept going up and up and up.

The treehouse has caught the attention of many admirers. Some, perhaps, more wanted than others.

"He complimented me from here to high heaven on the engineering the workmanship," said Leatherbury, recounting his encounter with one person. "I said I appreciate that, if its warranted, and then he said having said all that, I'm an inspector with the City of Phoenix!"

The City of Phoenix debated heatedly about the treehouse structure and finally reached a decision.

"He called and said we have determined it is considered playground equipment, and therefore it does not require a permit in the City of Phoenix," said Leatherbury.

With that, the treehouse stayed as built, and continued to be the gem of the Central Phoenix neighborhood, with parties and dinners sometimes held in the treehouse.

One of the levels holds a special place in Davis' heart, it is dedicated to her late father, who died in Bali in 2006. Having said that, all the levels are dedicated to fun, with a working electric fireplace, a balcony, eclectic art, a place to dine.

During cooler weather, Davis places her historic 1920s home with the treehouse on Airbnb, where guests have raved about the experience.