Troopers who arrested police impersonation suspect talk about what happened

He wanted to make the roads a safer place.

That was what Matthew Allen Disbro told DPS troopers, after he was arrested for impersonating an officer.

DPS officials say Disbro had a car decked out with lights and sirens, and was even carrying a gun. Disbro was caught, after he tried to pull over two DPS deputies in an unmarked car, while driving in a black Dodge Charger that had the lights and gear to make it look like a real cop car.

"At first we couldn't tell the difference until we ran that plate and got closer," said DPS Trooper Jesse Stradling.

"It's pretty rare that we're in an unmarked police car and we get pulled over by the police impersonator," said Trooper Nick Westbrook.

The troopers, however, turned the tables.

"The plate said supported public safety, we don't have any vehicles that have a plate like that," said Trooper Westbrook. "I ran it and it came back to a private citizen."

"It shocked us at first when the lights came on, obviously," said Trooper Stradling. "We were excited to stop him and figure out who he was, because our job out there is to protect the public, and that is a huge concern for us."

Disbro lives in Mesa and was also wearing a uniform and tactical belt resembling police gear. He also had a gun, handcuffs, and pepper spray on him.

"He had a security uniform and sergeant stripes on the shoulder," said Trooper Westbrook.

"We don't know how many times he's done this," said Trooper Stradlig. "Could have been his first time, could have been his 50th time. We don't know. That's a concern for us, but that's why we're very happy we got him off the road."

Disbro was released after a judge found no probable cause. FOX 10's Matt Galka tried to reach Disbro at his home, but received no response.

"If you are pulled over, I'd say pull over," said Trooper Stradling. "If there's some further suspicion, someone's not a uniformed officer, call 911."

Meanwhile, people who have had contact with the suspect, and have been stopped by a Dodge Charger with law enforcement style emergency lights should call DPS at (602) 644-5805.