Naked man driving truck crashes into Pioneer Living History Museum in north Phoenix

Daisy Mountain Fire crews are investigating after a truck crashed into the Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum at Interstate 17 and Pioneer Road.

Phoenix police said that the truck was driven by a naked man when it crashed into the museum's general store. The man was found near the scene, but few details were released about where first responders located him.

Officials say no one inside the museum was hurt, but the driver was hospitalized for non-life threatening injuries.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Volunteers and employees at the museum surveyed the damage. Luckily, they weren't open at the time and no one inside was injured, and most of the artifacts are housed in other buildings on the property.

"Nobody can go in that. I think that building is probably a total loss. It buckled it all the way through and the police said the man hit it at 60 miles an hour. It was going fast when it hit," a person at the scene said.

Now, the people who work at the museum have to pick up the pieces before anyone can come back and enjoy the museum.

"They usually just come, and they go sign in, and they go. But now they can't do that. Whoever the hell did this, they hit it really good," a bystander said.

A person at the scene said the museum is always trying to make repairs and maintain the building, but the funds are limited and must be selective with what they pick. This was surely not an expense they were anticipating.

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A truck was pulled out of the Pioneer Museum by a tow truck. (Photo: Dave Siebert)

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