Two Arizona businesses team up to help slow the spread of COVID-19 through sanitization

While it is still uncertain when bars and events can start up again in Arizona, a new company is helping to help make sanitization and safety a top priority for businesses and it's teaming up with a local distillery.

Founded in Phoenix during the COVID-19 pandemic, SaniCrew is hoping to help keep guests safe with a new way to sanitize.

SaniCrew is a mobile crew of people that will walk around and provide sanitizer to guests at events, at the entrance of restaurants, to make sure sanitizer is available to anyone so they can stay safe.

You may see them the next time you go to an event or an opening of a bar or restaurant.

“The SaniCrew is a modern day 'Ghostbusters' way of bringing hand sanitizers to small groups of gatherings," explains Stefani Learner, cofounder of SaniCrew.

She has an event production background and knew she wanted to be a part of the solution to help slow the spread of COVID-19 so she and her other colleagues could work again.

"We were thinking what can we do to come up with a safe and comfortable feeling when people do start gathering together again and feel comfortable," Learner said.

The crew is complete with wipes and a gallon of sanitizer on their back. The sanitizer is made locally in Scottsdale at Blue Clover Distillery.

“We couldn’t be more happy with what they have going on to get behind it and support them and them support us," said Westin Holm, owner of Blue Clover Distillery.

The distillery has shifted its business model during the pandemic. It's now producing large amounts of sanitizer for local restaurants, school districts, and now for SaniCrew.

“Having that takes off all the burden. We can focus on getting our food and products out to you guys instead of everything following up behind it," Holm explained.