UNCC students: No alert the night Keith Lamont Scott was killed

Students at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte are demanding answers after they say the university failed to alert them to an officer involved shooting down the road from campus.

Students say that the University didn't send any alert to students about the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott until Tuesday morning, several hours after the shooting, protests, and riots that erupted nearby.

Tears, stories, and signs, all ways a group of UNCC students are standing up and calling for change after a CMPD officer shot and killed Keith Scott just minutes away from campus.

"I felt very troubled and heartbroken especially because it happened just down the road. I don't feel safe," said Monae McNeil, a student who organized the gathering of around one-hundred students.

"You came here and the main goal was to be respectful and help make sure it doesn't happen again," said Gretchen Perez, a student at the rally.

"We just want people to know we're here and it's real what's going on," said Rebecca Span, another student at the gathering.

The University's Chancellor, Philip Dubois, was also there to offer his support.

"The fact that you're here today speaks more to the environment on this campus than anything i could ever do. Thank you for being here," said Dubois.

While the chancellor encouraged students who chose to peacefully demonstrate, he also said he would be looking into why students were alerted so late after the shooting happened.

"My friends are getting tear gassed trying to go home and I can't even get a message until this morning going to class," said a group of students at the rally.

"They sent out an email saying condolences to the victim of the shooting yesterday. That was an hour ago," said Anthony Singleton, a UNCC student.

"We're going to review all that. Our police chief makes that call based on what he knows at the time. This activity happened 1-3 miles away. I don't think he would have known at the time that it went all the way over to I-85. That did change things for people driving around, even though it was in the wee hours of the morning," said Debois.