US and Cuba to resume diplomatic talks

President Barack Obama has announced that the United States has resumed diplomatic ties with Cuba.

Both countries plan to open embassies in each others capitals.

A good deal of mystique is surrounding the Cuban cigar is the fact that it has been illegal in the United States for the past several decades.

"Everybody wants the Cuban cigar, because it's the forbidden fruit, we always want what we can't get, yes they do make some good cigars, but they make some bad cigars, and the Cuban cigars throughout the years they are way way down in quality," said Vartan Seferian.

A cigar aficionado in the business for 18 years, Seferian has a variety of cigars ranging from $16 to a $500 cigar. It is of course illegal to sell a Cuban cigar, but when the embargo is lifted he says he has a plan.

"When it becomes available I'm going to be on the first flight to Cuba," he said.

Seferian's plan is to start importing genuine, high-quality Cuban cigars that he estimates will sell from the $50-75 range.

So when will the embargo be lifted? Some speculate 3-5 years, but Seferian thinks it will be sooner.

"I would say before President Obama is out of office we will have Cuban cigars in this country, that is my prediction," said Seferian.