Valley animal rescue hopes to find forever homes for bonded pairs

"These two were found in a rental home and the renters had just moved out and they left their dogs behind," Sherry Petta said.

Meet Teddy and Franny. These pups have been through a lot, but now they're ready for their next chapter together, thanks to Pathways Animal Rescue. The animal rescue actively seeks out pairs in county shelters, takes them in and then works to find them permanent homes.

"Our goal is to get them a home so they can stay together and not be separated," Petta said.

Petta is a volunteer with Pathways.

"I just think when dogs have lived together for a couple of years, even six months, they develop a friendship and even with my own dogs if one has to go to the vet, the other one panics if they're left behind," she said.

Right now, they have quite a few pairs that are looking for their forever homes.

"These two were at the county at risk of being split up," Petta said.

Including Ellie and Allen, Julie and Jodie, Miles and Daphne, Thelma and Louise and Zeus and Apollo -- just to name a few.

Pathways Animal Rescue is helping to keep these bonded pairs together for their next chapter in life.

"Once dogs have lost their home, it's in my heart, they've lost their family, they don't deserve to lose each other either, so I want to keep all pairs together if possible," Petta said.

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