Valley apparel line teaming up to raise money for cancer

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Paper Clouds is a non-profit apparel line that showcases the creativity of community members who might have a special need or be fighting a life-threatening disease.

This week, PCA is teaming up with the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children in hopes of getting them more help.

"Me and my brother were super close, we were best friends, we did everything together," said Madisen Rowley.

Sunshine reminds Madisen Rowley of her brother.

"Inspired me to draw this because it's like you each have dark days but like when my brother is there for me he always brought me up to the sunshine," said Madisen.

Madisen drew a picture just for Mason. He died on her birthday June 13, 2018 from an aggressive form of brain cancer.

"I draw this since for like since I turned seven on my birthday I had a balloon just like this, I decided to draw I thought it would look good and it turned out really perfect," said Ryder Wright.

7-year-old Ryder wants to kick cancer out of this world. Those words are boldly printed on t-shirts that will be sold by Paper Clouds Apparel.

"I just want to do the best job that we can, raise as much money as we can and then give these individuals who created the art work that special feeling because for most of them their life is really tough," said Robert Thornton with Paper Clouds Apparel.

PCA teams up with organizations state wide, this time working with the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children.

"They actually generated three of the artists for us and two of the artists were individuals that I knew that fought through cancer that I knew would have a fun time creating art work for this project," said Thornton.

Half of all the proceeds will go to American Cancer Foundation for Children. The non-profit provides financial assistance to 400 families yearly so parents can focus on their child.

"It makes me super happy," said Madisen.

Knowing her art work, her brother's memory, is helping other cancer patients, is what gives Madisen the motivation to create more.

The t-shirt will be for sale starting Monday, January 28 through February 8 at