Valley choir prepares for journey to meet Pope Francis

While "Pope Fever" has taken over the United States, some students are preparing for a trip to Italy for the holy father.

The flight to Italy is a haul, but for these students the road to getting a ticket has been even longer. With just a few months left they're hoping the saying "music can take you anywhere," really is true.

"I've been preparing for over a year now, I've been watching videos on how to beat jetlag, I've been listening to things on how to speak Italian, I hope I'm really prepared," said Christian Campbell.

Christian is just one of 46 students from St. Bernard of Clairvaux, who is preparing for the trip of a lifetime.

"I'm just very excited to be surrounded by all that history, and by so many important people in the church like Pope Francis," said Julia Eschbach.

In just three months, the group will join thousands to sing at Pope Francis' New Years Day Mass of Peace.

"They're going to be singing with kids from all different countries; from Germany, France, the Philippines, and from the Congo in Africa," said Kent Campbell

But to get there they need a little help.

"We're trying to raise as much money as possible so that all the kids get to go," said Kent.

The group still needs about $70,000 to reach their goal, but they are confident that when January 1, rolls around, singing for the holy father will be priceless.

"Just the excitement they'll have as Pope Francis walks in from the back, and they're singing all these songs they've rehearsed, from all these other kids, and watching him walk in will be wonderful," he said.

And as the countdown begins there's one more thing Christian, and his classmates need to consider.

"I'm not sure what I'd say to him, I'd probably say I'm not worthy," said Christian.

The group leaves on December 26, and will rehearse in Italy all week before the big day.

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