Valley dog found on roof, looking for forever home

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A dog found wandering around the roof of a valley home is now safe and looking for his forever home.

While no one knows for sure how this dog got on the roof of this house, one thing is certain: this dog is in need of a new home.

"As much as we know, he just wiggled his way up there and got himself in a little predicament," Dickerson said.

Kesley Dickerson with the Arizona Humane Society received the initial call about the dog and said they had zero information as to where he came from.

"We received a call last week from a good Samaritan who found him on top of his roof," Dickerson said. "They have no idea how he got up there [and] he didn't have any identification."

Luckily, the technicians at the Human Society were able to make the save, as they've dealt with similar situations before.

"Our emergency animal medical technicians respond to calls like this day in and day out," Dickerson said. They're [out there] rescuing sick, injured, and abused pets in the valley."

Throughout the whole ordeal, a name was coined for the dog -- "Rufio."

"Following Rufio's roof rescue, he's now ready for his forever home," Dickerson said. "Preferably on the inside [of a home] and not on top of one."

Aside from a couple of issues checked out by the Humane Society, Rufio is in good health. All he needs now is a family to love on that won't mind his energy.