Valley family, non-profit collecting Christmas gifts for foster kids in honor of late daughter

The countdown is on to help as many kids as possible in foster care have a happy holiday, so that's why Helen's Hope Chest is collecting gifts to give out. During this time of year, it's especially meaningful to them.

"In 2012, one of our board members, unfortunately, lost his teenage daughter and they couldn't stop buying gifts for her and when Christmas came around, because she loved Christmas so much, they wanted to give those gifts to Helen's Hope Chest for our Christmas event," said Katie Pompay with Helen's Hope Chest.

They've named the event JaKelle's Christmas Box, and their hope is to get a gift to as many kids and teens in foster care as possible.

"We want something that you might get your own child, what's your child asking for this Christmas because that's what these kids would love to get as well," said Pompay.

Donations will be accepted at local Starbucks locations.

"Right now what we really really need are gifts for teenagers because Helen's Hope Chest does serve up to age 18 for Christmas, if they're still in the care of the state after 18, we serve them as well," said Pompay. "Despite any of the bad things in life, there's joy and you can find happiness in all of that."

For more information on the JaKelle's Christmas Box event, click here.