Valley monsoon destroys Desert Hills barn

It was a busy Sunday morning at 12th Street Ranch in Desert Hills after the Saturday monsoon storm ripped through their property.

Bella Walter, 14, was on the ranch when the storm came.

"The wind and the rain started to get really crazy and I saw this wall move," Walter said. "That's when I really started freaking out."

She raced to close the gate that would keep all the horses from escaping. Unfortunately, her quick thinking couldn't stop the wind and rain from uprooting the barn and ripping it to shreds.

Some horses had minor injuries.

"We have a couple of horses that had stitches," said Wendy Peterson, who works at the ranch. "We have one horse that got a couple abrasions on his eye and on his face that required stitches."

Peterson said the destroyed barn was the least of her concerns.

"Barns can be rebuilt, people are the most important thing." said Peterson. "I'm thankful that Bella is safe and that the horses are okay."

Peterson says they will continue with lessons and their summer camp tomorrow.