Valley sees cooler temperatures; three-digit temperatures kept at bay

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - If you've been outside over the last few days, you might have had to check your calendar. May is typically the month where we kick off much warmer weather but our recent rain and cooler temperatures are keeping the triple digits at bay.

The average high temperature in May is typically in the 90s and as we know, it only gets worse from there. So we are definitely below that and we can feel it.

"I always thought it was cooler than what I remembered this time of year," said Ellis, a visitor from Georgia.

We've seen morning rain, which ushered in cooler temperatures. it's been a little out of the norm from what we're used to.

"It's our eighth day here," said Ellis. "The weather has been awesome, especially in the morning. it's nice and cool. [We] sit out by the pool and have a little breakfast and coffee, it's been great."

Temperatures are below average and people here in the Valley are taking full advantage of it. People like Ellis are hitting the links at Encanto Golf Course and if you think he's surprised by our temperature dip, imagine how us locals feel.

"This is crazy, it's beautiful," said Joanne from Scottsdale. "I was just commenting this morning - I mean, who would think that it's raining this morning, played in three hours and I had a jacket on this morning."

Although there's no escaping the upcoming summer heat, we can all continue enjoying the relief while it lasts - even our four-legged friends.

"Already there were several days where we couldn't come out at all during the day with [our dog] because he gets way too hot," said Anne from Phoenix. "And today it's like noon and here we are - it's amazing."

The weather is supposed to get a bit warmer from Thursday and Friday, but next week we look to be cooling off once again. this weekend we could see more rain - get out and enjoy while you can.