Valley woman accused of deadly drunk-driving crash released from jail

A valley family is demanding answers after an alleged drunk-driving crash killed two people in the east valley.

"Let me show you how this crash happened," Julie Reed said.

The victims of the crash were sitting at a red light when they were rear-ended and the force of the crash pushed their car 165 feet through the intersection and into a wall of a Circle K.

"She took two people from this world and it's left a huge hole in our hearts and it's wrecked our family," Reed said.

Julie Reed is emotional as she talks about her father-in-law, Angel Sagado.

"He was an amazing Christian man," she said. "He was a great grandfather to our kids and he taught my husband how to be a great father and family man."

Sagado and co-worker Runell Talbot were killed in last month's crash when police say Cassie Sackrider admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel and smashing into their car.

She had a long record of arrests, including prostitution, robbery and burglary, but despite her lengthy arrest record, a judge granted supervised release.

"My whole family is here, my child," Sackrider told a judge.

During her initial court appearance, Sackrider had an attorney who argued she has lived in Arizona for four years, has a husband and a 13-year-old child.

The judge acknowledged the seriousness of the crime, but also had trouble sorting through her criminal past. In the end, the judge decided to release Sackrider, saying release conditions are not supposed to punish the suspect, but instead, ensure she shows up to court.

"It was a horrendous accident and I don't understand how they can just say, 'Here you do, you did something wrong, we're just going to slap an ankle bracelet on you and hope you don't hurt anyone else,'" Reed said.

While under electronic monitoring, Sackrider will have a curfew and face drug and alcohol testing and monitoring. She's also been ordered not to drive.