Valley woman celebrates milestone birthday on Independence Day

There's a big reason to celebrate at this Chompie's restaurant and it's not just for the Fourth of July. The guest of honor, Anne Lewinson, turned 100 years old. We asked her what is the secret to living such a long life and she had a very simple answer.

"Keep your mouth shut," she said while laughing. Good advice from the new centenarian, who fled communist Russia and went on to have two children and is the grandmother of six. She says trying to live without stress is another key to living a long life.

"Not to worry about anything. So don't worry too much. Leave your worries alone," said Lewinson.

On Monday, Lewinson's family gathered to celebrate her milestone birthday. Her son and daughter-in-law say her positive outlook on life no doubt has something to do with her longevity.

"She's always had just a good, happy personality and a good demeanor," said Jerry Lewinson.

"She's a firecracker. She is. She's got a great sense of humor. She takes life pretty good," said Kendra Lewinson.

In her 100 years, there have been 16 U.S. Presidents in office. As for who her favorite president was since 1916, Lewinson says, "Oh I like Reagan and Nancy. They were a good, nice couple."

So there you go. She really has seen a lot over the decades and just to reiterate what she said about the secret to living a long life: it's keeping your mouth shut.