Valley woman donates husband's memorial fund to food bank in his honor

There has been a massive demand at food banks around the Valley and its moving people to do good in such a time of need.

The United Food Bank has been serving 10,000 people a week, and at the Convention Center in Mesa Wednesday, volunteers are giving out food until 7 p.m. for families who need it.

They had to move distribution to the Convention Center because the demand was that high.

After seeing FOX 10's report on the demand, a local woman decided this was the best way to donate money in her husband's memory.

In February, Bob Guthmiller left this world. The retired carpenter was beloved by his wife and family. Shirley Guthmiller, his wife, describes him as "a good man, kind man, very generous.

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His granddaughter Mikayla Leek agrees. "He was very funny, little remarks he would make that were very funny," she said.

As the weeks passed, Guthmiller was looking for ways to donate his memorial fund as COVID-19 impacted everyone.

"I was watching FOX 10 and I seen the needs that there was for food with all the cars lined up at the food bank and the pantrys were empty," Guthmiller said.

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She’s right. The need has been unprecedented. The United food bank helped 10,000 families alone last week, that's 50 pounds for every car.

"A lot of them just lost their jobs, you’re seeing families in these cars with little kids they don’t want to leave at home," said Tyson Nansel with the United Food Bank.

He says the United Food Bank spent $2 million in March and April buying nonperishable items for families. Now, they need help.

"There would have been nothing he would want less than to see a child go to bed hungry at night," Guthmiller said.

She and her family donated food by the boxes to the collection site in Mesa for the Mesa Cares Program. Every can is in the name Bob Guthmiller.

They also donated $1,000 in his name.

"That’s 5,000 meals we can provide with that thousand dollars," Nansel said.

Losing her husband has made life lonelier, Guthmiller said. But these donations in her husbands name, she says they motivate her.

"I have two choices to make. I can get up in the morning stay in my pajamas and get in my chair and be sad all day or life has got to go to on," Guthmiller said.

She said family and friends have continued to give to Bob’s memorial fund, and said every dollar will go to the food bank.

If you’d like to make a donation in Bob's name, you can reach out to the United Food Bank and let them know you’re doing it for Bob Guthmiller.