Vandal dumps paint into Phoenix swimming pool

In the heat of summer, a valley pool is closed because of a vandal. Someone jumped a fence and dumped paint into the pool, which forced the city to close it down until it can be cleaned up.

The closure couldn't come at a worse time as many people are looking for ways to beat the heat.

On Friday, someone dumped paint into the David C. Uribe community main and special use pools. The facility has been closed ever since as crews clean up the big mess. The pools had to be drained and cleaned out, then refilled with water.

"They had to scrub walls.. and then it's also a plaster pool, so you have to keep the plaster wet, so they've been out here spraying it and keeping the walls wet so that we wouldn't lose the surface of the pool as well in the process," said Becky Hulett, City of Phoenix Aquatics Director.

It's been a slow process to get the pools back in order, but the facility near 39th Ave. and Cactus is expected to re-open on June 27.