Veterans help construct country's largest VA clinic in Phoenix

A new veteran's affairs outpatient clinic is under construction in Phoenix and many of the men and women making this project possible are veterans themselves.

The Valley's newest and the country's largest veterans affairs outpatient clinic will be located at 32nd and Van Buren streets.

It's a full-circle moment for some veterans on the job site. Every single day they head to the site knowing the work they are putting in now will help many fellow veterans later.

"I take pride being out here each and every day," said veteran, Howard Earl, adding, "Seeing everyone working out here, getting an overall successful project to help veterans here in Arizona."

He's a senior safety manager overseeing the project by Rosendin and Jacobsen Construction.

Being a veteran, this project means a bit more to him. He says being a veteran who is disabled, it feels good to know there will be another facility to help others just like him to see a doctor and get the treatment they need.

He isn't the only veteran on the project. Maria Andrade also served, saying, "When I found out I was going to be working on the veterans hospital, it touched my heart to give not only for the veterans but myself and family who have served as well."

Veteran, Roberto Villegas, says it means a lot to him and his family. His father and sister served in the military as well.

When the five-story building is completed, it'll serve half a million veterans a year, helping to relieve the pressure of the downtown Phoenix hospital, provide space and additional resources.

The project is expected to be completed by late 2021.