VIDEO: Phoenix police officers save woman, 4 children from house fire

Heart-stopping body-camera video released on Wednesday by police shows officers rushing to save a family from a burning house in Phoenix.

Phoenix police officers were near 64th Avenue and McDowell Road on March 9 when they saw smoke and flames coming from a home.

"Officers and neighbors immediately ran to help save a woman and her 4 small children," the department tweeted.

"Hey, come over here!" an officer can be heard yelling as they used a ladder to climb over the backyard fence.

Moments later, the video captured the officers comforting the woman and her children.

"They're all OK, that's all that matters."

Body camera video showed every tense moment

In the daylight, in front of the now charred McDowell Avenue home, neighbors comforted the family who was inside.

"She ran and said, 'Mom, get out fire!' And I'm like, fire?" said homeowner Ruby Johnson-Smith.

As the officer ripped down the side fence to help, inside was 80-year-old Ruby, her daughter and four young grandchildren.

"She kept saying her kids are in the back yard and I thought they were by themselves and I'm like, get those kids out of there," said Josie Aragon, a neighbor.

The officer made it back there, helping another neighbor use a ladder to escape the flames.

Josie is still overwhelmed by what happened.

"She's a good neighbor and a very loving person."

Other neighbors credit the officer's instincts for getting every one out.

"He saved the family," said Annette Castillo.

Ruby, the matriarch of the family agrees.

"There's a crown for them. God is going to crown them for the help they did so much."

Even comforting after the flames, leaving Ruby to say this after surviving a fire.

"I just feel blessed. Blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed."

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