VIDEO: Reward offered for robber who stole woman's wallet while pumping gas

A woman who was pumping gas at a Westwood Mobil Station on Tuesday had her wallet stolen and it was all captured on surveillance video.

Sara Weinstein was standing at the pump around 2:30 pm while her large white purse sat in the passenger seat of her car.

Nothing about the scene looked out of the ordinary until the video shows a man get out of a vehicle in the distance while his alleged accomplice stays seated in the getaway car.

The video goes on to show the man casually walk over to Weinstein's car before crouching down to hide.

"He was hiding behind another car that was parked right next to my car and he was crouching down low," Weinstein said.

The video from another angle shows the suspect hiding low.

He looks around to see if anyone is watching and when the coast is clear he opens Weinstein's car door.

The suspect then reaches over to grab her wallet from her purse on the front seat, he puts the wallet into his pocket and walks away.

"That's pretty brazen," Weinstein said. "That's pretty outrageous for someone to do that in the presence of the person who owns the items they are stealing."

Weinstein, a Los Angeles lawyer, said she never even saw or heard the thief in the few minutes it took to steal her wallet.

In the video, she is turned the other way, focused on the pump.

She said, she only realized her wallet was gone when she went to put her credit card back and realized it must have been stolen.

"When I saw the video it just made me very angry that criminals like this get away with this and someone knows who they are," she said.

Weinstein is now reminding all travelers this holiday weekend to be vigilant with their valuables. She's offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the suspects.

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