Volunteers improve Phoenix facility for veterans

A day of service where giving back means serving those who once served our country.

"As a veteran, you serve your time, you're not put to the side or anything, but at the same time, you feel like you're pretty much done," Reginald Henderson said.

Through a nearly $500,000 community service project put together by the Home Depot Foundation, U.S. Vets and Hand-On Greater Phoneix, "Operation Surprise" repairs and revitalizes not only the homes but the lives of veterans who live here.

"For them, they feel valued and respected and when they're down at their lowest, we're lifting them back up," said Michelle Jameson of U.S. Vets.

"It just gives you faith that people still care," Henderson said.

The service project is building the vets a new patio and pool area with picnic tables, new grills, and outdoor landscaping. Also new tile, air conditioning and handicap accessible doors and appliances.

"The veterans give everything for us and when they're experiencing homelessness and you have no family and no friends to be able to give back, it's more about the community. It's about we know you're here and you're not forgotten," Jameson said.