Warning signs, symptoms to look out for in dog flu

Every single pup that comes through the Arizona Animal Welfare League and ASPCA Shelter receives a flu vaccine.

"Last year, I made the decision to start vaccinating all they animals that we see here to make sure they are vaccinated against K-9 influenza," Dr. Matt Goetz said.

Dr. Goetz, the medical director at the shelter, says canine influenza has already hit states like Washington, California and Colorado.

There's no epidemic or outbreak in Arizona yet, according to Dr. Goetz, but everyone is on high alert because doggy flu spreads quickly.

"From pup to pup it's very contagious," he said.

The symptoms are similar to human flu, with coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, and lethargy.

"The hard thing is that can look like any other disease, so kind of common cold in dogs or valley fever, things we do see in the state," Dr. Goetz said.

Dr. Goetz says if there's any question or concern that your dog is sick, take your pup to the vet.