Washington man accused of attacking golfer with golf club in Tempe

A day of golf took a violent turn over the last weekend at a Tempe golf course, after police say a man beat another man with a golf club, resulting in the suspect's arrest.

Police say Corey Kiehl was arrested on Sunday, January 26, accused of aggravated assault. Khiel is accused of hitting another golfer with his club, after an altercation on the course spilled into the parking lot.

Court documents say Kiehl was arrested at around 6:22 p.m. on Sunday by officers, at the parking lot of the Ken McDonald Golf Course near Elliot and Rural Roads.

Investigators say officers were called to the golf course when an employee reported the fight involving the golf club. When officers arrived, Kiehl admitted to hitting the victim with a golf club twice.

Officials say Kiehl told officers that he believed a party of golfers behind his had been hitting golf balls at him, and he confronted them, resulting in a verbal argument before he the apparent assault.

The victim, according to court documents, was found in front of the clubhouse, and appeared to have severe bruising to the left side of his torso. Paramedics later took the victim to a hospital for a possible broken rib. The victim told detectives that Kiehl approached him out of nowhere and started a verbal argument, and he was then hit three times with the golf club.

Police say witnesses at the scene all confirmed that there was a heated verbal argument between Kiehl and the victim, and witnesses say Kiehl swung his golf club like a baseball bat at the victim's torso.

Court documents list Kiehl as a resident of Otis Orchards, Washington for two years. Otis Orchards is located to the east of Spokane. A secured appearance bond has been set in the amount of $2,500.