Watch your kids around water; staying safe this holiday weekend

Watch your kids around water.

It is a message that cannot be stressed enough, especially this time of year.

Now it's a reminder of just how quickly things can turn tragic.

Two children were pulled from a backyard pool near 53rd Avenue and Thomas this week. Both are recovering despite being underwater for up to five minutes.

So far this year there have been about 75 water-related incidents in Maricopa County, in those situations, firefighters say every second counts.

"So much of the outcome of what we can do when we get onscene depends on what happens before we get there, and that is why we really plug the safety message, learn how to do CPR. Good CPR saves lives," said William Benedict with Phoenix Fire.

Firefighters also stress proper barriers and adult supervision.

"There doesn't have to just be one designated adult supervision individual, it is an active thing that everyone can do, we just reinforce the idea of keeping your eyes on your kids," said Benedict.

Or you could hire a pro, a lifeguard with all the equipment and proper certifications for your 4th of July Pool Party.

"They can relax, and have a good time, it takes a lot of stress away from the host. The host can enjoy their event, theyc an talk with their friends and family, they don't have to worry about the kids in the pool as much," said Laurie Ball with Kidtastics.

Laurie Ball runs Kidtastics, a mobile swim school that also offers lifeguards for your personal party. The service is getting very popular.

"In the last two summers we've seen the service demand go up a lot, we have more lifeguards this summer than we ever had before... people aren't drowning and flailing their arms and yelling, that is now how it really happens. I think a lot of people are starting to realize that and I think people want someone there to help protect them. They need a pro to be there and watch them, and it really gives them some piece of mind," said Laurie Ball.

The county has seen 20 fatalities this year, 4 of them were young children.