Weekend monsoon storm turned residential street in Maryvale into a river

As cleanup efforts continue following recent monsoon weather, the true scale of the damage the storms left behind are beginning to show.

Sometimes, the storms will wreak havoc on one street, while the next street will have no damage at all.

Yale Street, located near Thomas Road and 91st Avenue in the Maryvale area of Phoenix, looked like a river on Sunday.

Pouring rain caused flooding

The flooding first started out as rain

"It was just pouring down pouring down. Never seen it pour down like that before," said Raymond Johnson.

The rain, however, did not stop.

"Water can cause a lot of damage. I've never seen it rain like that before, living here 10 years," said Johnson.

On July 27, the asphalt on Yale Street was still covered in dirt, but the water has finally vanished. Johnson says the drainage area just couldn’t keep up, and overflowed. Eventually, the street somewhat resembled the Salt River.

Johnson's home is still drying out

During the storm, Johnson's home nearly succumbed to the rising tide.

"What would have happened if it got over that bump here?" Johnson was asked.

"It would have flooded everything," Johnson replied.

At Johnson's home, the rugs are still drying out.

"In the living room, I was pushing it out as it was coming in, and it probably got this much wet," said Johnson. "The couch is floating over there, floated all the way around, and that's where it finally rested at. That’s how much water was here."

The clean up is nearing an end, but it is a reminder how storms can pick and choose the streets that will face its full force.

On July 27, Yale Street was its victim.

"Thank god no one was hurt," said Johnson.

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