West Valley high school band performs for teammate who's battling leukemia

A high school freshman battling cancer got his very own private concert on Wednesday, with Centennial High School's band playing their new song in front of their teammate, because he hasn't been able to practice.

Jude Tatele, 14, plays the trumpet, but hasn't been able to attend practice at all because he has been battling leukemia. Jude just endured his first round of chemo, spending 38 days in the hospital. When he got home, his band teacher and bandmates knew they needed to bring the music to him to keep his spirits up. 

Jude Tatele

"They expressed a lot of times a desire to do more for Jude, and we think family is good medicine in addition to what he is getting at Phoenix Children's [Hospital]," said band director Kate Menasco. "He likes it and likes us and likes being a part of us, and we want to give that back to him."

Kate Menasco

"The whole band, they are just beautiful kids, amazing kids, great hearts," said Jude's mother, Monique. "They have been here for us every step of the way since day one."

Monique Tatele

After the private concert, the Centennial High School Girl's Volleyball Team presented Monique a check for $1,400. It's money they raised to help with Jude's medical bills. Monique said this is lifting Jude's spirits until his next round of chemotherapy.

Jude is set to go back to the hospital in 13 days. Eventually, he will need to get a bone marrow transplant.