Widow of Valley firefighter introduces 'Luke's Law'

Heather Jones broke her silence about the events that took her late husband's life on the night of January 21 of this year.

"As much as I wish he could have come home that night instead of extending the evening, what happened to him at Centerfolds should have never happened to anybody," she said.

Thirty-seven-year-old Luke Jones, a firefighter with the Daisy Mountain Fire Department for 12 years, was off-duty when police say he was assaulted outside the Centerfolds Cabaret by then 26-year-old bouncer Brandon Draper.

Draper is charged with second-degree murder and the cabaret's manager faces charges for allegedly hiding the surveillance tape.

"We're formally launching an online petition that calls on lawmakers to pass legislation that requires bouncers to be trained," Attorney James Goodnow said.

The family introduced "Luke's Law" this morning.

"It starts by looking at the other states and what the cities have done," Goodnow said. "Typically, you're seeing courses that range from eight hours to several days. You're seeing bouncers that have to register. You're seeing background checks. The training would certainly need to be developed with experts as we go along."

Heather Jones says the last six months have been unbearable without her husband by her side helping her raise their daughter. She only hopes the petition gets enough signatures so that no one else suffered the same fate Luke Jones did.

"Luke's loss wasn't just a loss to my family, my daughter, or myself, the loss of Luke was also to the community and also a loss to his brothers and sisters that he worked with at Daisy Mountain," she said.

Luke Jones Initiative online petition: https://lambergoodnow.com/luke/