Will ride sharing change the way people commute?

Depending on traffic, getting around the Valley has never been easier or harder. However, what if you could just take a car one way, and then grab a different car on the way home?

This concept is popping up around the country.

In California, AAA has launched Gig, which is a new ride sharing pilot program in Oakland and Berkeley. It's a one way service with black Toyota Prius hybrids. You reserve a car, with the phone being the key, and leave it, wherever you go.

"Most of the trips are going to be used on a very short term basis," said Jason Haigt with Gig Car Share. "It's $2.50 per mile, which means for the local trip to the grocery store, it probably won't cost more than $5."

If you need the car longer, it's $15 an hour, or $85 for the whole day. The cars come with bike racks on top. Eliminating pollution and congestion is one of the driving factors behind the program.

"Every one of these car share vehicles that get put on the road actually removes 7 to 11 vehicles in total from the road," said Haigt.

The program isn't available in the Valley yet, but AAA is looking to expand. Besides Gig, there are other options, such as Zipcar.

Officials with Zipcar also commented on AAA's Gig program. Officials said:

"New entrants into the market validate what Zipcar has been saying for years, that the future of mobility is paying for the trip, not the car. Competition isn't new to Zipcar, but we continue to grow and excel. We're now in over 500 cities and towns across eight countries, on 500 college campuses across North America and have vehicles at over 60 airports."

"This just really fits right in, getting more people out of their cars and utilizing public transportation," said Tempe City Councilman Joel Navarro. He said the city has welcomed all forms of public transportation, and another ride sharing program, like Gig, could work there if they wanted to expand.

"We're really becoming very dense. We're growing up not out, so that urban lifestyle really suits those type of venues so that app type service where I can just go out and grab a car and not really own a car," said Navarro.