Wine company will pay you $10,000 and send you to France as a 'rosé influencer'

One lucky and creative rose devotee could land the gig of a lifetime by being hired to take a vacation to the south of France and become a "rose influencer" for the wine brand Rose All Day.

The newest employee would receive $10,000 and a luxurious trip to the south of France to live in the brand's château in the Languedoc region, where they will be tasked with creating content surrounding their favorite pink drink.

In a press release, Rose All Day said the chosen influencer will be tasked at creating premium content in a giant mansion with a bounty of Rose All Day product "for art directing, staging, and of course drinking."

Applications for the job open on June 8, commonly known as National Rose Day.

All you have to do to apply is post to Instagram and tag them with your most premium rose content.

Just before Labor Day Weekend, judges from Rose All Day will choose five finalists, who will then be tasked with creating one more image each to blow away the competition before the final influencer is selected.