Wireless cooling device for phones created by ASU student tired of heat draining his battery

We know how intense the summer heat can get, especially here in Arizona, and it not only has an impact on people but also on everyday technology like our phones.

The sun's rays can sometimes cause our phones to overheat, and an Arizona State University student may have a solution to that problem.

For Jordan Fourcher, his solution was first inspired by frustration.

"I kept getting annoyed that my phone was overheating, so I looked into solutions and the solutions in the market. I bought them. They weren’t very good," he said.

Fourcher knew he wanted to create something that would help combat this issue, so he started to think of ideas of how he can potentially solve this problem.

First, he started to do some research and testing. Finally, he came out with two cooling inventions – one of them being the CryoPad.

He says it's "a wireless charger that actively cools your phone and the benefit of that is your phone charges faster, the battery lasts longer, and you can actually get a performance increase …"

There is also the CryoCase – a case that gets cooler in the sun without the use of electricity.

"Imagine a mirror so reflective that it even reflects the ambient light around you, but instead of being light, it’s in the infrared spectrum," Fourcher said. The case has a radiative cooling paint that reflects 95% of sunlight.

"So all you need is a clear view of the sky, and it’ll get around 15 degrees cooler," he explained.

Fourcher, who is studying technology entrepreneurship and management as a senior, launched his company in October 2020 called Fourcher Technologies. He says what drives him every day is having an impact on peoples' lives.

"People who go to Salt River in the summer or people who swim in the pool, they have to tuck their phones away and hide them and put them in coolers and all this stuff," he said. "Seeing my product in the hands of somebody and seeing it change their lives in a good fundamental way."


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