Woman admits to mooning Gwinnett County officer during arrest

A trial took place this week for a woman accused of mooning a Gwinnett County police officer while being taken to jail for assaulting a man.

On April 12, a man was waiting on a bus along Best Friend Road when he told police he was approached by Christina Holsenbeck, who asked him for a cigarette then a puff of his cigar.

The man told police he thought Holsenbeck was a prostitute and told her no. He then said she pulled out a black folding knife. Fearing he'd be stabbed, he threatened to shoot her but didn't actually have a gun. She ran off, according to the trial news release.

The man called the police, and responding officers found her not far from the bus stop. Detectives described her as acting belligerently as they tried to get her version of what had happened.

Holsenbeck admitted during her trial this week that she smokes crack cocaine, and she was in the area to "procure heroin for a friend." Police also said they found the black knife, described by the victim as the one she used to assault him.

The defendant testified that the man at the bus stop, as well as a "plainclothes" officer, had solicited her, and she was threatened with violence for refusing their offers.

During the trial, Holsenbeck admitted to mooning an officer during her April 12 arrest while being transported to the Gwinnett County jail. She said she mooned the officer because she was "showing the particular officer that she was 'mooning' what he would never be able to see again from her."

Holsenbeck's sentencing is scheduled for July 31. She's charged with aggravated assault.