Woman sues Sephora, claims lipstick sample gave her herpes

(FOX News) -- Makeup aficionados should be wary of testing communal cosmetics at beauty retailers, at least according to one woman who claims she contracted herpes from a lipstick sample at Sephora, TMZ reports. According to the site, the unnamed customer sampled a "common use" tube of lipstick on display at the makeup mecca's Hollywood, Calif. location in October 2015, and was later diagnosed by a doctor with oral herpes.

Claiming that she never had herpes or cold sores prior to the incident, the woman is suing the chain for the emotional distress over the "incurable lifelong affliction." The woman and her doctors further contend that Sephora failed to warn customers of the health risks of trying on lipstick samples and that the cosmetics chain did not have adequate practices in place to avoid herpes exposure.

In March, however, Tracey Garcia, the co-founder and CEO of cosmetics service StyleMeBar, told The Lookbook that makeup stores simply cannot take every precaution.

"I truly believe that if you walk by every makeup counter or every makeup store, they do have all the precautions to keep it clean, but there's only so much you can do because people are out there being, not to be rude, but a bit disgusting," said Garcia.

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